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10 Reasons for Women to Travel Solo in their 50’s

We are honored to feature this post by Julie Beckers
(A Not So Young Woman Abroad)

Julie Beckers is a travel blogger and writer from Melbourne, Australia. She loves sharing tips, interesting and juicy stories about her adventures, from witnessing a shooting in New York to stories about cheeky Frenchmen. Aimed at the not so young woman, Julie’s blog, “A Not So Young Woman Abroad” was born from her experiences as a solo traveller who has no desire to “do” any country much less be confined on a “guided” tour. Her blog has been awarded Top 100 Travel Blogs for 2016 and 2017.

For some women, the very thought of traveling solo can be daunting. For women in their 50’s who have never travelled on their own, the thought of solo travel can be down right terrifying. For me it’s the only way to go.

Going it Alone

I don’t know about you, but if I were to wait for someone to travel with, I would still be waiting. Of course solo travel is not for everyone and depending on where you are going and how you like to experience the world, it takes planning and fair amount of research about your destination. Of course you can always find a tour company where you can take your trip in the company of others, but if you really want to experience a place going it alone is the best option.

As a solo female traveller in your 50’s, it is important that you keep yourself safe and well on your journey, so reading about your destination and finding out the best ways to get around, where you can go if you fall ill or finding out about local scams and tourist traps is vital to your research.

If you are going it alone, it is very important that you don’t stand out as a tourist. The best way to do this is to make sure you dress like a local and to learn a little bit of the language before you go. By doing this, you won’t bring unwanted attention to yourself and are less likely to be taken for a ride. Listening to your finely tuned gut feelings (let’s face it, we didn’t get to our 50’s without trusting our guts) will also keep you safe.

Why travel solo in your 50’s? – Top 10 Reasons

 1) You don’t have to answer to anyone else but yourself
 – Will I have that second croissant? Of course I will.

2) You can go anywhere you please, when you please
– I think I will go to Central Park today or maybe a visit to the Iron Lady.

3) You don’t have anyone telling you that you snore in your sleep
– It’s not me that snores it’s you.

4) You meet lots of different people from different places
– Going it alone means that you don’t just hang out with people from the same country as you.

5) You don’t have to be on a schedule or visit the normal tourist sites if you don’t want to
– You are more likely to find different things to see and do.

6) You are solely responsible for your own comfort and safety
– You are not relying on others for this.

7) You don’t have someone else telling you what you should or shouldn’t do
– When you travel with others you often end up doing things you really don’t want to do.

8) You can eat what you like, when you like
– You get to experience lots of different types of food.

9) You can have a sleep in or get up early as you please
– You aren’t waiting for others or missing out on your sleep in because someone else wants to go out early.

10) You can change your plans at any time you please
– A train trip to Rome seems like a very good idea.

Solo travel as a woman in your 50’s is a wonderful experience.  It reinforces your self-belief and allows you to experience the world in a way not many get to experience it.  Why not give it a try?

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