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Traveler Pics
Traveler Pics

There is no debate: Instagram is having a profound affect on the travel industry. Now six years old, Instagram has more than 500 million active users sharing an average of 80 million photos a day. Influencers with large followings are being tapped by destinations worldwide to inspire those followers to visit. Some say it’s causing overcrowding of once undiscovered places, while other feel that tourism brings the awareness needed to protect those places.

In my humble opinion, the beautiful places of the world are meant to be shared and experienced. The special places we all dream about are not ours to own, though we need to find a way to responsibly share them with each other. Travel mindfully, respect the environment, and respect one another’s space, and keep seeking out those unexpected adventures that happen when we wander off the beaten path.

Now that that is said…here are a few of my favorite Instagramers that are inspiring me to grab my camera (or my phone) and get out there.

1) @estherjulee

One of the top 25 travel bloggers in the world, their story and creative lifestyle are as inspiring as the gallery. The range of places they’ve captured is astonishing. Take note of the way Esther’s bright red coat gives us a sense of scale when capturing the grandeur of the environments they explore.

From the blog:

Local Adventurer is a travel lifestyle blog that has been moving us to a new city each year. We picked one year because one year is long enough to find the hidden gems but also temporary enough to push us to go out and explore often…It’s easy to get too comfortable and take your home for granted. Time is precious and fleeting, and we vowed to make it a practice to explore locally. We believe adventure can be found anywhere and every day.


2) Twosaparty_

This travel couple has been everywhere, from beautiful beaches to bustling cities. But one of the things that I think makes their gallery so special, is the joy and playful spirit that comes shining through. They look like I want to feel! And they are experiencing the world together. It will make you smile.

From the website:

Faisal and Sana Creators of @twosaparty_

Him – Faisal is a true social butterfly and loves to make friends no matter where he goes. He has a desire for living in the moment and making the most of life, so its no wonder that when he met Sana his love for travelling started. He also has a very short attention span which makes their travels filled with fun and spontanity.

Her – Sana is the dreamer out of the two with an endless travel bucket list. She is wild at heart with a very CREATIVE soul. Her passion for exploring all sorts of food and cultures makes their adventures that much more thrilling.  Sana’s dream is to be able to work remotely and indulge herself in luxurious travel experiences and delicious food.


3) @c_kams

This inspiring photographer reminds me of one of the most important aspects of the craft: its all about the light. And he captures it beautifully. His love of the outdoors, especially the beach has a a tranquil simplicity that stands out among the rest. Just beautiful.

From the website:

Hey! I’m Chad. I’m a photographer, designer, and artist based on Long Island, New York. My work is driven by my love of the great outdoors, and an even greater love for the ocean. Working mostly by the water, I interact with the landscape by taking what I call my “low-pro shot” along the waters edge. My work also shows wide, pulled back landscapes with a great sense of the natural world around us. My work exhibits dramatic composition, vibrant colors, and extreme contrast.


4) @Ihavethisthingforivywalls

This gallery is a great example of how to create a theme and take it to the next level. I can’t imagine how they find the unique places they do, and they do an incredible job of framing it in a collection for us. How cool is this???


5) @Neverlandnomads

This gallery is full of original pictures that will make you want to pack your bags and go. The profile states ‘a preserver of memories’ which really resonates with me. I found this inspiring comment on one of their posts: ‘I keep this quote in my notepad as a reminder when I’m unsure about taking on a new journey in life… “When you’re walking to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly” ~ Partick Overton


6) @Funlifecrisis

The profile says: Less worry, more fun! And the gallery certainly brings their philosophy to life

From the blog:

“We started Fun Life Crisis in 2016 because we realized that we spent more time working and worrying about “what ifs” than enjoying life, so we decided to do something about it. Chances are you’re experiencing something similar – but adult life doesn’t have to be so ‘meh’. This blog is full of tips, tricks, and stories that have helped us get over our crisis and have more fun!”


7) @Watertraveler

We all love pristine white sand and clear turquoise water. Spectacular scenery combined with a human element makes these shots so special. The images are some of the most amazing I’ve seen, whether pool, beach, boat, dock or deck. Views at water level, above or below…this one will really make you miss the beach.


8) @Onebluehat

This is so cool…Sophia’s ubiquitos blue hat travels the world!

From the website:

Sophia is endlessly wondering with her one blue hat around the world. She is an explorer, foodie, traveller and creative from Sydney, Australia. As a designer, she has developed a unique eye for detail. Inspiring travellers and her followers to explore the hidden gems of the world.


9) @tim_geaney

A well-deserved shout out to a good friend whose creativity has inspired me for most of most ‘adult’ life, and continues to do so. I’ve had the great fortune to travel the world with Tim, capturing moments in some of the world’s most beautiful places. I’ve learned so much from him…including how to keep it real, and keep it fun.

From the website:

I love being given an assignment, no matter what it is, and I love photographing my friends, family, and what ever else enters line of sight. It’s a mission of mine to always find the natural light and if I don’t I add just a enough to keep it real. It’s important to me that the people who I photograph love the way they look, and more importantly to capture the “moment”. I truly believe that being a photographer has helped to keep me present in my own life.

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