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NJ + Wine
NJ + Wine

When one thinks of New Jersey, lots of things may (hopefully) come to mind…we have great beaches, parks, historical sites, tomatoes, pizza (ok, you get it) but probably not wine, right?

Well, maybe think again…The fact is, NJ has over 40 wineries in some of the most beautiful countryside, most with tasting rooms that provide unique experiences, music, food, festivals and a variety of really fun events throughout the year. For a complete listing, and all the info you need, visit the Garden State Wine growers Association at for lots of great info.

It was at one such event that we first discovered Cava Winery and Vineyard ( We enjoyed the wines so much, we decided to look them up. Here’s what we found…

When visiting the tasting room, you can explore the full range of whites and reds by starting with your choice of 7 different flights and find a few things that stand out. Now, if you’re a fan of fruit wines, then you’ve really come to the right place. The selection is truly unique: from Acai Blackberry to Kiwi, all bottled with the cutest label featuring ‘Cici’, their cute canine mascot.

Our personal favorite is the Red Sangria, which when you visit we hear is made even more special with a little ‘love’ mixed in (you’ll have to just trust us on that one).

It’s a beautiful setting in Hamburg, just across from Crystal Springs resort. When the weather is warm, the outside seating is place to be, with weekend entertainment and great views of the vineyard with a lush hillside backdrop.

Inside, the cozy main tasting and dining area has a rustic charm and panoramic view of the vineyards that is great escape from wherever you want escape from! The staff is friendly and attentive, and in our two visits, made us feel right at home.

The food menu must be mentioned…lots to choose from the full dinner menu, but we loved the Italian cheese board and bruschetta flatbread pizza to accompany our vino.

The calendar is full of events, some may require tickets…check the website…we have a few picked out already.

All in all, it’s a fantastic afternoon or evening, highly recommended, and you’re sure to leave with at least bottle or two for any occasion you’d like to make special.

Our surprise treat from our late August visit was the beautiful row of Sunflowers just across the street. Of course, I had to stop and take a few pictures…now it’s time to open a bottle of Sangria and start happy hour. Cheers!

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