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St. John, USVI

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St. John, USVI
St. John, USVI

We are thrilled to feature our first post from our dear friend and world traveller, Pam Lach

St. John, USVI is the perfect location for my husband and I and our family. There are so many options for every age range: swimming, snorkeling, sailing, paddle board, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, etc. We often wake up to see the magnificent sunrise, visit one or two beaches every day.

Here are a few reasons why the island is a coveted travel destination and why so many visitors come back every year.

  • – There are direct flights to St. Thomas from most airports in the Northeast
    – A short ferry takes you to St. John. That 15 minute ride is your entry into paradise
    – Cruise ships are not allowed to dock on St. John
    – 2/3 of the island is reserved National Park
    – Vistas around the island are breathtaking
    – Tourism is St John’s only industry
    – Trunk Bay, Maho Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Honeymoon Bay are among the best beaches in the world.
    – It’s miles of hiking trails to historic ruins and petroglyphs satisfies those that are looking for an adventurous holiday
    – Do Yoga St. John has multiple classes daily
    – It has an array of culinary options from gourmet cheeseburgers, local West Indies fare, to 5 star restaurants include ZoZos at Caneel Bay
    – Villa rentals provide for a “home away from home” experience
    – Protected US Territory
    – Fantastic snorkeling right off the beach
    – It has a strong cultural schedule including music, Carnival, historical society, Friends of the Park
    – Close proximity to the British Virgin Islands for sailing and boating enthusiasts
    – Temperatures have a 5-10 degree variance which makes it an all year round destination

Those are the facts, now I will share with you my personal experience. We have been going to St. John for ten years. We first heard about St. John when our son, was invited to the island for a High School senior trip. He arrived at night and when he woke up in the morning, he called and said: “Mom and Dad, this is the most beautiful place I have ever been. You need to come here”. At that point in time, our son visited Florida Keys, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, so he had a sense of what a tropical vacation was all about. However, he said “St. John is different”. He was right. Within the year, we booked our first visit.

Denis Bay

During our first trip to St. John, USVI we fell in love with the island. After several trips where we rented villas, and sailed the BVI’s, we simply had a yearning for more. Like many visitors, St. John became our destination that we wanted to visit again and again.

It has a laid-back vibe that stays with you from the time you set foot on the island until you head back to the airport on St. Thomas. It is only 9 miles from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, so you can get acquainted quickly. Although it is the smallest of the USVI, there is so much to do.

When on “island time” you can do as much or as little as you want to do. With all of the scheduled activities: Friends of the Park events, featured bands and singers, fundraisers including 8 Tuff Miles, Coral Bay Flotilla, Beach to Beach swims…., yoga, Carnival, one can quickly get immersed as a member of the community.

Ruins at Annaberg Plantation

Petroglyphs off Reef Bay Trail

Rams Head Hike

Each of us have hopes, dreams and desires for ourselves, our family, our lives and our future. One of ours was to own a home in warmer climate. Although, we looked at villas on St. John to buy, (in our price range) on that first trip, we were not in a position to make a purchase. After a few years, we were nearing the end of college tuition and other expenses, so we seriously started looking. Our search included different areas in Florida and St John.

In 2012 we purchased our villa, Someday Isle

It was ironic that it’s name is Someday Isle because it represents our hopes and dreams for something more as we were planning retirement.

St. John is the perfect location for my husband and I and our family. There are so many options for every age range: swimming, snorkeling, sailing, paddle board, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, etc. For my husband and I, we often wake up to see the magnificent sunrise, visit one or two beaches every day. Sometimes, I sit and read a book while he tries to catch the elusive bone fish. We are avid snorkelers and we go to our favorite spots a few times per week.

We enjoy watching clouds, seeing the moon rise and enjoying the light island trade winds with a book or a glass of wine. Sometimes both!

We enjoy a late day float in our pool or at one of our “soaking beaches” Maho or Francis. We either cook at home in our villa or head out to one of the many restaurants in Coral Bay or for date night, we may hike over to Cruz Bay.

We have owned Someday Isle for four years and each time we leave, we get the St. John blues and look forward to our next visit.

We really think St. John is a fantastic destination and we think you will to. If you are looking for a memorable island experience you should consider St. John. And if you need a place to stay, we invite you to be our guests. https://www.vrbo.com/507506

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived…that distinguish one man from another.”
– Ernest Hemmingway

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