Welcome to Go Here, There & Everywhere! Thanks first of all to the the Fab Four for the inspiration. And a beautiful song. If you’re a fan, we already have a lot in common, and we’re going to speak the same language (yes, my-ever-so-subtle hint at age appropriate content).

For anyone I don’t know personally, my name is Ed, and I’m lucky enough to be married to the beautiful love of my life, Carla (who just happens to be a travel agent). We have three grown children, each of whom I am extremely proud of, and bring us joy in so many ways.

I’ve worked as an advertising Creative Director for a REALLY long time, and travelled the world for a living. I am quite fortunate, love travel as much as you do, and have so much to share.

We’re at a transitional point in our lives, as I’m sure many of you either have come to, passed through or may be approaching one day. This time where we get to shift the focus of our lives (at least some of it) back to ‘us’. We’ve worked hard and given a lot. Now it’s ‘our’ time, if you know what I mean. And this is all about making the most of it.

We all deserve it, and there’s a lot do! Things we really enjoy doing, have always wanted to do, places we’ve always wanted to see, food we’ve always wanted to taste, drinks we’ve always wanted to try and experiences we’ve always dreamed of. Like I said…now, it’s ‘our’ time.

We’re going to be sharing those experiences with you, whether in our own backyard and easy to get to (hence the ‘Here’ part…yes, the theme comes to life), or off to some really cool, interesting, beautiful or exotic locale.

We’re going to share our tips, recommendations and the things we love about each place or event, so that you can get inspired to get going, and make the most of every minute while you’re ‘There’.

And, we’re blessed with a network of friends who collectively (along with those of you who we really, really hope will contribute), have been ‘Everywhere’. So we’ll cover A LOT of ground. So, when you’re ready to plan your trip, reach out to us! Carla is an experienced travel agent with,
(FYI, she custom tailors trips for EVERYONE…ANYWHERE) and can book the trip you’ve dreamed of. We promise to be your trusted advisor to guide you to the best experience possible.

We can’t wait to see where you’ll go next!

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